The second part of Your Launch Pad is for my team and I to create your website and to set up your marketing and business tools.

You can then share the story of your business with people who genuinely want to hear about it.

marketing +

business tools



I believe that great businesses are built upon great stories.

Your website and marketing channels are where you get to share the story of your business and the transformation or value it can provide.

Your website is like the campfire around which the people you most want to work with will gather.


“Marketing is
no longer about
the stuff that you make
but about the stories you tell.”

- seth godin

Step One: 
We create
your website

I have created websites for my own business and creative projects for the past 15 years. During those years, I have worked with a number of web design platforms including Squarespace, Showit and Wordpress.

 For my Midlife Launch clients, I recommend Showit or Squarespace as the home for your website.

the process:

You will complete a questionnaire to help both you and us to get a clear sense of the look and feel you want in your website.

We will have a branding/website visualization call to work through your questionnaire.

We will create a mood board  to visually reflect your vision for your website.

We will help you to select a template that you absolutely LOVE from a Showit or Squarespace Design Partner.

My team will install and customize the template for you (including fonts, colors and images).

We will write the copy for your Home page, About page and the page for your main Product or Service.

We will add products or services to your website so that your clients can buy products or book services online.

What is included in the creation of your website + business tools?

Step Two: 
We create your marketing tools

Once your website is ready, it's time to set up the marketing tools you want to use to grow an audience of prospective clients for your business.

You will have selected the marketing tools you plan to use during The Business Blueprint sessions.

In this step we will set you your marketing channels and your email list so that you can connect with and serve your ideal clients.

the process continued:

An opt-in form for a newsletter so that you can build a list of people who are interested in learning more about your business.

We will set up an account with a newsletter provider and create a newsletter template to match your website.

A document (e-book, PDF etc) to give to newsletter subscribers when they subscribe.

A welcome sequence of emails to send to your newsletter subscribers.

Set-up of social media accounts and add links to your social media on your website.

Design of social media post templates to match the colors, fonts and style of your website.

We will create and/or set up the following tools and resources:

Step Three: 
We set up your business tools

We will help you to get clear on the business tools that would help you to run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible and will then take care of the set-up of those tools. 

the process continued:

Set up of a business email address with G Suite - you will pay the monthly or annual fee for your business email address directly to G Suite.

Set-up of an online scheduler for clients to book calls or appointments with you.

Set-up of payment methods for you to be paid by your clients or customers.

Set up of Asana or Trello for getting (and staying) organized.

 Set up of Quickbooks, Dubsado or Honeybooks for accounting and invoicing.

Set up of Dropbox for storing documents or images or files related to your work or your clients.

We will set up the following business tools:

it's time to celebrate!

We have created Your Business Blueprint and your website and marketing channels are ready to be launched!

Everything is in place for you to do the work that only you can do.

But OUR time together is not over!  You don't have to launch alone.

As soon as your website is ready, your 12 month membership in The Midlife Launch Lab will begin.


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